The manufacturer guarantees its products for a period of 24 months from the date of sale. The manufacturer warrants that this firearm was manufactured free of defects in material or workmanship which adversely affects the operation of your firearm for the shorter of the life of the parts of the original owner.


This warranty is non-transferable and is limited to the original personal retail purchaser. Subject to such limitation is set out below, the manufacturer agrees to correct any defect in material or workmanship in your firearm which adversely affects the operation of your firearm, as determined by the manufacturer’s technicians.


• The manufacturer does not warrant the wood (stock or for-end), grips or metal finish with respect to finish, matching of pieces, dents, scratches, cut, dings, etc. which are or should be apparent to the purchaser when the product is purchased or which occur after purchase.


• This warranty is effective from the original retail purchase of the firearm. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for firearm malfunction or personal injury or property damage or death resulting in whole or in part from criminal or negligent use of the firearm, improper or careless handling, failure to perform prescribed maintenance as set forth in the user and maintenance manual attached to your firearm at the time of the purchase, unauthorized modifications, use of defective, improper hand loaded, reloaded or remanufactured ammunition, customer’s abuse or neglect of the product or other influences beyond the manufacturer’s direct and immediate control.


• The manufacturer’s warranty cannot be changed except in writing by an authorized officer of the manufacturer.


• Any warranty repair approved to be made to your firearm may only be made by an authorized repair facility. Dealers or gunsmiths (unless they are an approved repair facility) are not authorized to make any repair or adjustment on the behalf of the manufacturer.


• The full details of the defect or malfunction and all the required information i.e. purchaser’s name and address, date of purchase, details of the product, serial number and dealer’s name, must be presented with the product when warranty service is required.


• The sales receipt must be retained and a copy submitted with the firearm in the event that warranty repairs are required. Note: any shipment of firearms outside of the border of Italy is subject to the valid laws of that specific country, which you must strictly follow. Ship your shotgun insured and prepaid (we can not accept collect shipments), pack the shotgun securely to prevent damage, preferably in its original shipping case if available. Make sure the shotgun is unloaded and that no ammunition is included.